Reviews taken from my Facebook page

Karen from Glasgow


After a particularly stressful few months going round and round in circles, stuck in the same old rut and reaching what I believed to be “rock bottom”, finding Fiona and embracing NLP truly has been life changing for me. Through listening, questioning and reasoning, Fiona has literally helped me to turn my life around. Her calm, reflective, positive manner puts you at ease immediately and you genuinely begin to see life in a totally different light. Through the various methods she uses, I have gained confidence in myself and a greater understanding of those around me. This has helped immensely in my work, home and social life. I now feel stronger as a person and am able to face challenges in a more reasoned fashion. My mental health as well as my physical health has improved as a result of this and in turn those around me are happier too.

Heather from Glasgow

I recently started having some sessions with Fiona after a period of anxiety, the sessions have been fantastic and have given me a positive and meaningful focus to move forward. Fiona’s ability to make the session personalised and relaxed has really helped and I would highly recommend her as a life coach/ nlp practitioner!