Amazing changes can happen within a very short period of time!

I’ve had some great feedback from my weight loss weekend “Weekend of Change”
Here’s some of the inspiring comments

“I just went to Asda to buy ingredients for dinner and bumped into a good friend of mine. Her exact words were “You look amazing and you are glowing, what have you been up to”. Another wee boost on top of an amazing weekend ?”

“I think about food less, I have lost weight this week and my energy levels are fairly steady. I also get really excited about mealtimes xx”

“I was out last night and people kept offering me snacks. There wasn’t a part of me that even wanted them and I felt comfortable saying no. Feeling really positive xx”

“I am loving this . I woke up this morning feeling positive and even more focused than I’ve ever been . The future looks better than I could have ever hoped for . Thank you xx”

“I am at the cinema with hubby. Just got really excited at ordering a macchiato with almond milk for a third if the calories of a skinny latte xx”

“Had an awesome time with you lovely ladies . Feeling good and ready to put my changes into actions . Thank you Fiona for working with us and I look forward to seeing and hearing how you’re all getting on . Xxxx???”

“I had an inspiring weekend with 5 wonderful women. Thank you for your support and friendship. We have got this ❤️”

“I’m cooking chicken and barley stew for dinner and resisted anything from the snack areas of the store. Thinking about my future self has made today a doddle. X”

“So loved that at the, ‘Weekend of Change’ my new friends had ‘light bulb’ moments, i didn’t! , but I have just had a ‘sledgehammer moment’ !, so enjoyed sharing my needs with friends, so un-judgemental, understanding and supportive! Just realised I have never shared my needs with family and other friends!!! Thanks new friends!! x”

“I think the more you open up the better really. Good for the soul.
I tried the mind clearing technique today and will do it tonight before bed.”

“I am doing this and loving it! I’ve already saved about 15 pounds by not buying wine for just me! 15 pounds towards ,conversational German class and visit to Germany sometime soon! x”

“I am having a really crap day at work, but really pleased as food hasn’t even entered my head other than what a nice lunch I’m going to have”

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